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Xmas Tourney — X Anniversary of Russian Naginata

Following the footsteps of the ENC’23

Our small but dedicated naginata community is happy to tell you this year is our breakthrough for many bloody reasons.
We brought quite a few achievements (which we are rightfully proud of) from late European Naginata Championship 2023. The most precious one (apart from medals and gradings) has been and yet is untethered and ambiguous as well as very novel fighting experience.
I’m not reluctant, not at all, to say out loud that our naginata desperately lacks one. On the other hand, such an environment gives us the right momentum to seek back and fro and finally find desired experience despite all odds and adversities that have cast its shattering hand upon us recently.
Proper mindset
This kind of mindset has always given our naginata the will and hope for future development. And we ain’t going to stop at some point, quite opposite I presume, that’s just made us eager to look for more opportunities such as finding a craftsman to produce naginatas domestically or going abroad for just one-two keiko or organising online shinsa… and that’s not even a borderline.
Huh… words. Enough. As I digress from what I was saying. Waxed lyrical, if I may.
This year is the X anniversary of atarashii naginata as a stable and growing community in Russia blessed by inter- and cross-border communications and day to day activities.
Surely, there were some naginata groups scattered around our diabolically huge country in the old days. Never meant for unity of any nature, foreordained to fall into the oblivion.
But somewhere ten years ago everything had slowly begun to resurrect from the oblivion driven by enthusiasm of few. Yet there she is, our beloved signora presidente — Daria Litunenko, dug in, has been holding everything up with spit and will-power for ten consecutive years! We owe her one for introducing and wide-spreading naginata in Russia.
Then some five years later, Ann and I appeared on this naginata horizon. Don’t want to brag or something, but we have been breaking our backs to develop stable naginata community in Moscow ever since. And it’s flourished...

And now, five years later, we’re finally ready to host a country level open taikai beyond the threshold of our dojo…

We are proud to invite you to the first OPEN CHRISTMAS TOURNEY at KAMINARIKAN dojo on this Christmas Eve, December 24, 2023, to celebrate our X anniversary.

The tourney will be held from 9:00 am till 2:00 pm.

Two categories without splitting by gender (all vs. all):
  • engi kyogi
  • shiai kyogi
The entrance fee is ₽1,250.00 and can be payed by accessing this link.
For any info please contact us directly at:
E-mail [for oldies]:
Telegram [for millennials]:
Facebook [for boomers]:
Daria Liko
Instagram [for influencers]:
VK [for wankers]:
Daria Liko
We will be most pleased to see any kendo kenshi as honoured spectators!

Surely, we hope this event will develop into a cozy holiday tradition and is going to become an annual event and might attract senshu from abroad when the time is right.

Merry Xmas!!